Involving residents to create a sustainable neighbourhood

We have an opportunity to create our own sustainable living environment for the future. In order to find sustainable methods that work in specific local neighbourhoods we need to involve the local people to make a difference. Because together we can design a transition that truly contributes to the lives of the inhabitants.

Sustainability is not only about technical challenges, but rather about radical change in people’s behaviour. To make abstract sustainability issues tangible for residents, we look at their concerns in the field of sustainability in their daily lives. Together with housing corporation Woonbedrijf and the people of the ‘Generalenbuurt’ in Eindhoven, we mapped their interests, feelings and thoughts about sustainablity, with the goal to free all households from natural gas by 2030; the local council’s ambition.

Everyone can make a difference, together we can make a change

The result was not a solution itself, but a clear insight that the organisation was ten steps ahead of its tenants. VanBerlo trained the housing cooperation to use Design Thinking principles and realised that they should lead by example, showing the future possibilities of more sustainable rental properties based on a different mindset and behavior. And making the community centre more sustainable as a prototype to get a feel for it. Involving stakeholders to create a sustainable future.