Wings for Aid

Partnership in humanitarian aid

Making a difference is not always easy. We are bound by so many regulations, especially when it comes to humanitarian aid. It requires cross-border insights and a multidisciplinary team to approach ideas from different angles and to map the frameworks and possibilities. Testing, failing and testing again to find solutions that add value to people’s lives in times of need. Partnering with Wings for Aid and other specialized third parties to bridge the last gap when delivering first aid supplies.

A project of this size requires a holistic view on all the topics involved; from technical opportunities to the box itself that contains the supplies. Asking ourselves a lot of questions: How will this drone reach its destination? How will it hold the package? How will we train the pilot? How can we manage the logistics? Finding temporary solutions for testing and improvement. Giving advice on how this drone should be designed.

We’re not from the aviation industry, but we can offer surprising insights and ideas. Like, for example, making the cargo bay out of PET-G that is used in blister packs: cheap and transparent so we can see what’s happening during testing. Developing a security system that prevents the boxes from falling when they are not yet supposed to be dropped. Adding a manual possibility to drop the supplies in emergencies. In short, realizing a wild idea step by step to make it come true.

Together we can make the world a better place