Skelex 360


From concept to a beautiful ergonomic reality

In an industrial setting it can be difficult to develop an ergonomic working environment that supports its workers not only mentally but also physically. Harnesses provide solutions to support one’s body during physically demanding work.However, the challenge lies in creating such a lightweight and intuitive harness capable of adapting to multiple body types, without hindering the wide range of motions required by the wearer.

Combining All Forces To Refine A Product

To design an intuitive load reducing exoskeleton with a perfect fit, we further developed the basic idea using a Frankenstein mechanical model, applying an integrated approach which encompassed design, engineering and soft-goods disciplines. This method enabled a fast development process, in which we continuously validated ideas through prototyping to optimise the design for use. Within a short timeframe we enabled Skelex to start sales and continue their business. 

360 Degrees Of Motion Without Any Hassle

The harness is comprised of two parts: a lightweight carbon frame that delivers the force, and a separated soft-goods part that has close contact with the body. This combination allows users to easily adjust the harness to their body and permits 360 degrees of motion without any hassle. The result is an optimized product that stands out among its competitors, not only by its practical capabilities but also with its looks.