Change the flow to make it more convenient

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step. Taking care of a faster baggage drop at airports to start your flight in peace, preventing people accumulating in certain non-commercial places. Making the check-in process at airports more convenient and luxurious using self-contained counters and new infrastructures to make travelling as pleasant as possible.

In order to develop a user-friendly and premium baggage drop system using SITA technology, we had to research the entire self-service check-in process, looking into the journeys of airlines and airport authorities and all their problems from a human perspective. Using, for example, VR to validate some ideas. Because minimizing the time spent at a self-check-in desk required the examination of different scenarios, from labelling processes and boarding passes to hold-ups during the check-in process.

The process is the most important part of a journey

The SITA drop-off system is designed to be attractive and make the check-in flow intuitive. Using high-quality materials like glass panels enables passengers to see what is happening with their suitcases, thus making this one-step process as efficient as possible, yet also prepared for a two-step process with biometric identification in the near future.