Identity is the silent ambassador of each brand

Identity is an incredible force that controls the existence of your brand. As a ‘newbie’ in the market, it can be difficult to compete with the existing players. Yet this difficulty is also a strength; a strong brand cannot be found or fabricated, but emerges from within.

Looking good attracts the eyes, personality attracts the heart

To get an NXP-company spin off onto the market and immediately attract people, we had to explore competitive markets and make its character striking enough to fill the gaps. This has created an outstanding appearance that’s not only appealing to its customers but also allows any creative agency to take the brand to the next level in the future.

We therefore created a strong visual DNA to guide all external and internal communication. Stylized typography and strong colours make the brand stand out in its competitive landscape. The marked ‘X’ emphasis the hidden word ‘expert’ in ‘Nexperia’ and is recognizable from product to building. Developed from an efficient process that mapped everything and forced decisions to build a strong, future-proof brand from the very beginning.