House of Haptics

Using distance to connect loved ones across the world

In a world of long-distance relationships, it can sometimes be hard to hold on to your loved ones. Of course, digitalization offers opportunities to see each other or to hear about someone’s day, but sometimes all you need is an arm around you or any other physical contact to know that someone cares. That’s why Hey came up with the idea of developing a wearable to let loved ones know you’re there.

In order to bring this idea to life, we had to find technical possibilities that made physical contact possible. Researching and testing several options resulted in a first of its kind mechanical solution to construct physical contact through ‘squeezing’. Followed up by an attractive and fashionable wearable that made this physical squeeze also tangible. Combining our knowledge of digital technology, mechanical engineering and product design to engineer a completely new experience.

Never give up on someone or some ideas

Providing the real sensation of someone holding you, physically saying ‘I love you’. Researching various haptic technologies from vibrations and pulses to electrical stimulation and pressure. Testing prototypes to get the product right with the final result: the first bracelet that mimics real human touch with an actual gentle squeeze. Appealing to the eye, but even more so to the heart (proving this Kickstarter reached is funding goal in no time)