EVBox – Livo


EVBox Livo.
A Blank Canvas for Brands.

EVBox wanted to re-invent their approach to the domestic EV Charger market with a product that is scalable, flexible and will stay relevant for years to come.

EV Chargers will become more of a commodity over the coming decade, the futuristic brand-focused look of today will have to shift towards a more public focus. Therefore this new generation of chargers we have designed is a balanced mix of the rich statements of the previous design of the EVBox products and the more public design language of tomorrow.

Brand agnostiscism

We created a brand-agnostic design for various use cases by creating an exchangeable front cover that can be white-labelled.This offers several economic benefits. Compared to a complete redesign of the housing for every client, customization lead times are reduced by 50-80% per order. It also enables EVBox to design and manufacture special brand editions in smaller batches for OEM and other commercial customers, due to lower tooling costs.

With the design of the EVBox Livo we had multiple goals. We aimed to create a product that stands out by its aesthetic and resonates with the EVBox brand, while keeping it flexible for customization. Additionally we wanted to improve ease of use for consumers while also serving the needs of OEMs, fleet managers and other professional customers who have a more complex relationship with the product.

Ease of installation and maintenance have played a crucial role in defining its form and size. To achieve this we prototyped at every stage of the process. Initial prototypes were very low fidelity, in order to define the best architecture of the product. Along the way the prototypes get increasingly more realistic, helping us with detailing of cable routing, assembly process and ease of installation.

To create maximum flexibility in the stock management of the charger, we have designed a packaging for the charger with a separate box for the front cover. This enables EVBox to decide at the moment of the warehouse fulfilment which front cover will ship with the charger for onsite installation. This design decision makes it possible to offer OEMs and other commercial clients a relatively small batch of custom-made covers without needing additional development and manufacturing of chargers.

The result of our collaboration is a versatile product design that shows reliability, intelligence and sincerity, the EVBox core brand values, in a customizable way.