Dorel Juvenile – Maxi-Cosi Coral

The First Ever Modular Baby Car Seat To Keep Parents Close To Their Baby

Traveling with an infant can be literally hefty. For decades we designed car seats that fit all safety guidelines when driving around. But keeping the baby close to you, offering comfort and safety outside the car was never top priority despite the fact that all parents struggle with it. Until now.

Built for Safety and Flexibility

While infants grow and gain in weight, transporting babies in car seats becomes too heavy to handle. Of course new materials made the car seat lighter over the years, but new groundbreaking inventions have not taken place in the last 30 years. Obligations by law and regulations made it really hard to redesign the car seat while keeping it safe and easy to carry at the same time. But we did.

We Aim To Make Mistakes Faster Than Anyone Else

Fail Fast, Learn Fast

Coral was developed in weekly sprints. Putting innovation first. And bring the potential execution to life. Thereby stepping conventional restrictions and no go’s.
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Carrying Reimagined

Together with MaxiCosi we designed the first modular baby car seat that will change the way parents transport their child. No more bruising from wearing; you simply click out the seat from the safety base in your car and carry your baby as easy as a bag. Bringing convenience and ergonomics to a complete new level while keeping your baby close to your chest, even in crowded areas.  

The car seat exists out of two pieces: the safety frame which can be installed in the car with an isofix base or with the built-in locking clips. And the seat-to-go which offers a soft inlay with easy to carry self-retractable handles. Fitting seamlessly on strollers without sacrificing safety when combining both parts. Offering flexibility to parents in their daily routine.