Using crucial cultural differences to create a new market

Your success in the market is truly shaped by what you decide to hear. Dettol discovered that people in India with lower incomes were only buying bars of soap because they got paid weekly. Since there wasn’t an affordable variety of liquid soap available on the market, we set out to dig into it and come up with ideas to influence the market.

The gap between soap bars and liquid soap seemed to be colossal, both in terms of price and culture. We had to consider cultural behaviour and personal hygiene as well as the right price points and cost price to create something effective. This in the knowledge that the target audience doesn’t want to waste a drop of soap and is more willing to buy products that they can completely use up.

The only limit that exists is the one in your mind

We found out that lowering costs was the outcome (not the starting point) for making a difference. To achieve this we -for example- curved every surface of the bottle, so less material is needed. We designed the cap so that it can be easily squeezed without spilling,  turning it upside down to use the entire content to the last drop. We also reconsidered the labelling method so that it can be easily produced locally and thus promote employment. And we did all this without sacrificing the brand value that good hygiene must be accessible to everyone.