Creative equity, a toolbox for innovation

By Bart Versteeg

Is your organization future-proof? Are you sure your business model is robust for future changes? Digitalization, technological advances, urbanization and trends such as sharing economy and climate change provide a rich variety of both challenges and opportunities. All the while the global competitive landscape becomes denser.

We have learned that flexibility is key to be able to adapt to new conditions and allow business to flourish. Our secret? A creative mindset, deeply embedded into the organization, establishing a culture of innovation. Born leaders, we are happy to pass on our knowledge. Learn more about Creative Equity.

Not a simple exercise

Innovation is a delicate process, with many actors, variables and uncertainty. In fact, studies have shown that very few executives are confident with their innovation performance. We get it. After all, how can you make sure you are on the right path? Suppose you could take away some of that uncertainty, install a measure to back up your strategy and get a grip on your innovation strength.

Supported by academic research, our Creative Equity Scan does just that. Looking for the right way to frame our methods we developed a tool to share with others. The tool entails metrics that can measure your innovation strengths and weaknesses categorized by four proven drivers of innovation. In a collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and TIAS School for Business and Society we devised the scan to be reliable and validated, measuring the construct of innovation potential and just that. With a healthy dose of business intelligence, we moulded this into a digital scan which we applied with close partners to test and verify its effect.

Creative equity dives deep

The Scan dives deep and investigates all layers of the organization. A digital survey is distributed amongst all employees, gathering insights from each and every department to make sure all growth opportunities are detected. Success might be found in surprising connections. The dashboard that is then developed will enable you to track these opportunities and locate future possibilities to improve your innovation strength.

Combining expertise and imagination

First and foremost, it is our goal to help you become or stay a thriving business. We would love you to have the same vibrant creative culture and mindset that we at VanBerlo have. With the Creative Equity Scan, we provide you with a state-of-the-art diagnostic that can help you get started.

How fit for the future are you? Let’s find out! Contact Bart to learn more about The Creative Equity Scan and its applications for your business.