A quick guide to VanBerlo’s best practices for virtual co creation

Bridging a distance, whether social or geographic, you can pick from a large palet of digital tools to connect with your clients online. With a sudden surge in working remote, our team came across some limits to a smooth workflow. As co creation is our daily business

and we find our clients everywhere around the world, we jumped straight onto the band wagon of virtual client meetings and quickly learned how to work around our obstacles. This article ties together our best practices to get you up to speed with this new way of working.

Plan effectively

For any workshop, planning is key. But did you know there is more to planning when it comes to online workshops? A little extra attention can go a long way.

Plan for adaption: Not everyone will adapt at the same speed. Try test sessions or small homework assignments on the online tool for participants before the big workshop, so they get comfortable using the set up and interface.

Build in extra time to account for technology: Plan your workshops with some time for set up and connections. Give users time to adapt.

Plan the workshop with peoples extents in mind : Long workshops are not suited for online tools. Peoples attention span is limited and staring a screen is also exhausting. Break down your day long workshops over 2 days so participants get a chance to reflect on the content.

Get to know each other: send an overview beforehand, with the photos and roles of all participants.


There is more: keep track of our best practices and follow our page on LinkedIn. Next up: social etiquette.