We don’t follow crowds that
force us to think the same way

We were here long before buzzwords like design thinking and innovation were cool. While others focused purely on expanding their businesses, we were busy shaping the value of design. Of course, we can share all the knowledge we have gathered along the way, but we’d rather show by doing.

Meet the VanBerlo family

We do a dirty job

We are craftsmen by heart, thinkers by head. If you expect us to colour inside the lines, you’ll definitely be disappointed. We’ve got the guts to get our hands dirty with everything you put on our table. Literally. That’s how we solve things.

We keep wondering

Staying curious is our way of life. We simply love to focus on things that can happen instead of things that have already happened. Blending dreams with possibilities, to overrule ‘normal’ and bring excellent ideas to life. Uncompromised.

We love to play

Our work is based upon the endless fun we have building our own playground of trying-it-out and doing-it-ourselves. For us, playing is not about winning. It’s about the excitement of a free mind with no restrictions. Almost everything is allowed.

We are together

Over the years we have learned to count: two is more than one. Our work is therefore based on partnerships. Only by combining forces can we make a difference. Straightforward and honest; we tell it like it is. We hope you do too.

Partners we team up with