Gazelle – Makki

Designed for and with families

Makki was designed with the input of parents and children. Prior to our ideation, Gazelle & VanBerlo hit the streets together with users and their cargo bikes to see and experience the challenges users face. We joined them in doing groceries, picking up the kids, parking our cargo bikes in central Amsterdam and pushing them out of the mud in rural areas.

Easy go

A traditional cargo bike is – simply put – a plain wooden box, which can be difficult for users to steady, load, get of the stand and get going. No more. To comfortably transport children or heavy groceries, the new Gazelle Makki is designed as a steady, lightweight bike. Fitted with a sturdy stand and a cut-out in the box, Makki makes it easy for kids to climb into the box by themselves and for users to get moving.

Comfort designed with today’s safety features

After multiple sketch sessions, several rounds of prototyping and validation with end users, the team concluded on a box design with the right functionality where it is needed: Its impact-resistant, double-walled bottom section acts as a bumper, whilst its upper part made of light weight foam with high walls for shoulder and head protection and prominent entry make it a joy for children to be transported in. Gazelle Makki ticks all the boxes of safety and comfort.

Iconic bike & box

Makki’s iconic design is characterized by an integrated, iconic frame. The line applied in the design reinforces the bikes dynamic character: friendly, unique and powerful. By integrating the box with the rest of the bike a visual unity was created; coherent form details make the bike a perfect Gazelle fit.

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Ceiling Hood Performance. Without the Ceiling.

With downdraft becoming the new norm, power is questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise. Emphasising airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points. Reinforcing the current confidence of the Gutmann brand to you and the retailers.

Designed to Be Splashed. Again and Again

Enduring daily life and usage isn’t always so easy. The constant cleaning can wear down the most avid chef and homeowner. We decided to make things a whole lot easier. We rethought what it means to clean. Dimensioning all the components to fit directly into your dishwasher. A fit contrast from everyone else; Making it user friendly in every sense.

Introducing Light Mode

High tech meets low light. Capturing 95% of the potential consumer market was important for the start. With such a large variation in depths and heights of current cabinets and kitchen drawers. It wouldn’t always be so clear the drawer was there; We wanted to leave you a friendly reminder to remember the brains of the beauty. Forever and always.

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House of Haptics

In order to bring this idea to life, we had to find technical possibilities that made physical contact possible. Researching and testing several options resulted in a first of its kind mechanical solution to construct physical contact through ‘squeezing’. Followed up by an attractive and fashionable wearable that made this physical squeeze also tangible. Combining our knowledge of digital technology, mechanical engineering and product design to engineer a completely new experience.

Never give up on someone or some ideas

Providing the real sensation of someone holding you, physically saying ‘I love you’. Researching various haptic technologies from vibrations and pulses to electrical stimulation and pressure. Testing prototypes to get the product right with the final result: the first bracelet that mimics real human touch with an actual gentle squeeze. Appealing to the eye, but even more so to the heart (proving this Kickstarter reached is funding goal in no time)

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