Dabico – Airline power supply solution

Pushing a sustainable solution by transforming power delivery

Next generation power supply on the apron. When a plane is parked and the engine’s are not running there is a need of energy for cleaning, air-conditioning, recharging etc. currently, diesel powered generators are used to supply this energy. The new Electric Ground Power Unit (e-GPU) delivers emission-free energy and gives ground personal lots of flexibility. It makes the work environment more healthy and the reduced CO2 emission helps the airline industry achieve their sustainability goals.

A battery on wheels

Together with Dabico we made sure the overall housing is developed in such a way that battery packs can be placed in a modular way which enhances the flexibility and makes their product and business case future proof.

VanBerlo proposed a structure from high-impact, low maintenance thermoformed shells. Cable bays are large and easily accessible, and a single vertical door makes all serviceable areas visible.

Design Process

Listening to the ground personnel and their pains we focused on how we could design the e-GPU in a way that usability, safety, regulations and efficiency go hand in hand while still expressing the brand identity, clean energy and the uniqueness of the product.

CO2 and NOX emissions free + low noise

The emission-free 400Hz e-GPU will replace 400Hz diesel generators GPU and help airports become CO2 and NOX emission neutral and noise free, therefore creating much better working environments for ground staff.

Overall the e-GPU offers several benefits, including a reduced environmental impact, improved health and safety. Operationally this translates to faster charging and discharging, ease of operation and service and lower operating costs.

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Sevvy – Smart cooker

Reinventing the product

We were asked to scale down an industrial cooking system and its technology, making it a userfriendly, appealing and convenient consumer product. Not only by limiting its size, but also its costs. To understand the technology and its possibilities we first evaluated the device to see what it does and how it works exactly. Using this knowledge to come up with solutions for home-use while defining a clearer vision on the target audience. Creating a design language to make the device look like a refreshing new cooking product that reflects the pureness of the prepared ingredients.

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We don’t grow when things are easy

To create a consumer product out of an industrial solution for specialists requires adaptive engineering from our side. For example, we had to find a new affordable solution for some expensive components without losing the essence of the product.

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Since the device uses a revolutionary new way to heat ingredients and cook meals, we had to make sure all electronics were implemented well to make it completely safe to use for consumers. To make the entire solution even more convenient we connected the device to a smart app to enrich the experience by creating a community full of tips, tricks and recipes. Making it also possible for Sevvy to collect data to further improve the product’s experience.

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We create value by design

We created a new appealing, affordable and convenient cooking device for consumers based on a technology formerly used on an industrial scale. Making it possible to serve a delicious meal at home in no time without failure. With the smart app users are able to control the device from a distance while getting inspired about all possibilities. Allowing Sevvy to collect data and learn from their users to improve their products and services.

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Ingenico – A Worldline brand

It might be unnecessary to say that developing a seamingly ‘simple’ product with multiple payment solutions is a complex thing to do. Therefore we started with an architecture exploration to provide the possibility to pay contactless, using the chip or magstripe, integrating two cameras (front- and rear facing). Making it easy to use but also possible to put a signature without losing sight of its safety- and security aspects.  

“ Simplicity is complexity resolved “ 

By using creative engineering we were able to create a modular platform to bring the design concept to life. Resulting in a future proof payment terminal that’s easy and convenient to use despite of its highly complexed internal system. But above all, meeting the highest security standards. Making it possible to use the terminal portable or wired as a countertop on a cradle or pole. Engaging in a dialogue with the customers by creating value-added services on the full touch display using the Worldline software platform. Providing endless business opportunities and growth to shop owners of all sizes. 

“Just the right amount of everything”

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Wings for Aid

A project of this size requires a holistic view on all the topics involved; from technical opportunities to the box itself that contains the supplies. Asking ourselves a lot of questions: How will this drone reach its destination? How will it hold the package? How will we train the pilot? How can we manage the logistics? Finding temporary solutions for testing and improvement. Giving advice on how this drone should be designed.

We’re not from the aviation industry, but we can offer surprising insights and ideas. Like, for example, making the cargo bay out of PET-G that is used in blister packs: cheap and transparent so we can see what’s happening during testing. Developing a security system that prevents the boxes from falling when they are not yet supposed to be dropped. Adding a manual possibility to drop the supplies in emergencies. In short, realizing a wild idea step by step to make it come true.

Together we can make the world a better place

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House of Haptics

In order to bring this idea to life, we had to find technical possibilities that made physical contact possible. Researching and testing several options resulted in a first of its kind mechanical solution to construct physical contact through ‘squeezing’. Followed up by an attractive and fashionable wearable that made this physical squeeze also tangible. Combining our knowledge of digital technology, mechanical engineering and product design to engineer a completely new experience.

Never give up on someone or some ideas

Providing the real sensation of someone holding you, physically saying ‘I love you’. Researching various haptic technologies from vibrations and pulses to electrical stimulation and pressure. Testing prototypes to get the product right with the final result: the first bracelet that mimics real human touch with an actual gentle squeeze. Appealing to the eye, but even more so to the heart (proving this Kickstarter reached is funding goal in no time)

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The difference between two markets is your ability to adapt

When charging a car, US residents use a fixed cable charger without having the benefit of proper cable management. We also had to consider the fact that everything is bigger in the US, resulting in the challenge that the charger had to be visible and accessible enough in a parking lot with many SUVs.

We came up with a smart charging unit capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously while offering a smooth user experience through an intuitive interface as well as an integrated cable management system. Easy to install and maintain and -of course- with a striking design.

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Dorel Juvenile – Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro

In order to design a car seat that can easily be adapted to regional rules and legislation, we had to focus on a basic body that could be adjusted for use in different countries. It can therefore be produced on a larger scale to lower the cost price. By working in sprints, we were able to quickly validate and test ideas or come up with new insights to expand the Maxi-Cosi market.

A good basis gives you endless options

The result is a basic car seat that is as safe as possible for children aged 9 months up to a maximum of 12 years (depending on the child’s height). The Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro uses g-cell panels as protection to better absorb the energy released during an accident. And without losing its soft and friendly nature; all safety precautions are visible from the outside. Easy installation for parents and their growing children.

The result is a basic car seat that is as safe as possible for children aged 9 months up to a maximum of 12 years (depending on the child’s height). The Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro uses g-cell panels as protection to better absorb the energy released during an accident. And without losing its soft and friendly nature; all safety precautions are visible from the outside. Easy installation for parents and their growing children.

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