EVBox – Livo

Brand agnostiscism

We created a brand-agnostic design for various use cases by creating an exchangeable front cover that can be white-labelled.This offers several economic benefits. Compared to a complete redesign of the housing for every client, customization lead times are reduced by 50-80% per order. It also enables EVBox to design and manufacture special brand editions in smaller batches for OEM and other commercial customers, due to lower tooling costs.

With the design of the EVBox Livo we had multiple goals. We aimed to create a product that stands out by its aesthetic and resonates with the EVBox brand, while keeping it flexible for customization. Additionally we wanted to improve ease of use for consumers while also serving the needs of OEMs, fleet managers and other professional customers who have a more complex relationship with the product.

Ease of installation and maintenance have played a crucial role in defining its form and size. To achieve this we prototyped at every stage of the process. Initial prototypes were very low fidelity, in order to define the best architecture of the product. Along the way the prototypes get increasingly more realistic, helping us with detailing of cable routing, assembly process and ease of installation.

To create maximum flexibility in the stock management of the charger, we have designed a packaging for the charger with a separate box for the front cover. This enables EVBox to decide at the moment of the warehouse fulfilment which front cover will ship with the charger for onsite installation. This design decision makes it possible to offer OEMs and other commercial clients a relatively small batch of custom-made covers without needing additional development and manufacturing of chargers.

The result of our collaboration is a versatile product design that shows reliability, intelligence and sincerity, the EVBox core brand values, in a customizable way.

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Dabico – Airline power supply solution

Pushing a sustainable solution by transforming power delivery

Next generation power supply on the apron. When a plane is parked and the engine’s are not running there is a need of energy for cleaning, air-conditioning, recharging etc. currently, diesel powered generators are used to supply this energy. The new Electric Ground Power Unit (e-GPU) delivers emission-free energy and gives ground personal lots of flexibility. It makes the work environment more healthy and the reduced CO2 emission helps the airline industry achieve their sustainability goals.

A battery on wheels

Together with Dabico we made sure the overall housing is developed in such a way that battery packs can be placed in a modular way which enhances the flexibility and makes their product and business case future proof.

VanBerlo proposed a structure from high-impact, low maintenance thermoformed shells. Cable bays are large and easily accessible, and a single vertical door makes all serviceable areas visible.

Design Process

Listening to the ground personnel and their pains we focused on how we could design the e-GPU in a way that usability, safety, regulations and efficiency go hand in hand while still expressing the brand identity, clean energy and the uniqueness of the product.

CO2 and NOX emissions free + low noise

The emission-free 400Hz e-GPU will replace 400Hz diesel generators GPU and help airports become CO2 and NOX emission neutral and noise free, therefore creating much better working environments for ground staff.

Overall the e-GPU offers several benefits, including a reduced environmental impact, improved health and safety. Operationally this translates to faster charging and discharging, ease of operation and service and lower operating costs.

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Sevvy – Smart cooker

Reinventing the product

We were asked to scale down an industrial cooking system and its technology, making it a userfriendly, appealing and convenient consumer product. Not only by limiting its size, but also its costs. To understand the technology and its possibilities we first evaluated the device to see what it does and how it works exactly. Using this knowledge to come up with solutions for home-use while defining a clearer vision on the target audience. Creating a design language to make the device look like a refreshing new cooking product that reflects the pureness of the prepared ingredients.

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We don’t grow when things are easy

To create a consumer product out of an industrial solution for specialists requires adaptive engineering from our side. For example, we had to find a new affordable solution for some expensive components without losing the essence of the product.

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Since the device uses a revolutionary new way to heat ingredients and cook meals, we had to make sure all electronics were implemented well to make it completely safe to use for consumers. To make the entire solution even more convenient we connected the device to a smart app to enrich the experience by creating a community full of tips, tricks and recipes. Making it also possible for Sevvy to collect data to further improve the product’s experience.

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We create value by design

We created a new appealing, affordable and convenient cooking device for consumers based on a technology formerly used on an industrial scale. Making it possible to serve a delicious meal at home in no time without failure. With the smart app users are able to control the device from a distance while getting inspired about all possibilities. Allowing Sevvy to collect data and learn from their users to improve their products and services.

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Geesa – Shift

Co-creation process

To achieve so, we did a lot of research among architects operating in the premium hospitality industry: how do they work? What’s important to them? How do they make their decisions? To what extent does the current offer suit their needs? And above all: how can we improve the specific bathroom accessories to fit their designs? Based upon this research and the aspired positioning in the market, we came up with the SHIFT collection.

Modular design for creative freedom

By adding creative possibilities for customization such as patterns and finishes, Geesa made it possible for (interior) architects to adjust bathroom accessories to make it fit their vision. Keeping its looks premium without compromising on the overall quality.

“Modularity is the best way to stay ahead of your competition”

The SHIFT collection

SHIFT offers a range of 20+ simple yet aesthetic bathroom accessories with an innovative solution such as modular build-up, finishes and even 3D patterns. This makes it possible for architects and (interior) designers to customize any SHIFT product to create their own signature concept fitting any project. Whether it’s a hotel chain, cruise ship or private villa.

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“Success is the ability to help others succeed”

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Milano 2020 plan in VR

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Ingenico – A Worldline brand

It might be unnecessary to say that developing a seamingly ‘simple’ product with multiple payment solutions is a complex thing to do. Therefore we started with an architecture exploration to provide the possibility to pay contactless, using the chip or magstripe, integrating two cameras (front- and rear facing). Making it easy to use but also possible to put a signature without losing sight of its safety- and security aspects.  

“ Simplicity is complexity resolved “ 

By using creative engineering we were able to create a modular platform to bring the design concept to life. Resulting in a future proof payment terminal that’s easy and convenient to use despite of its highly complexed internal system. But above all, meeting the highest security standards. Making it possible to use the terminal portable or wired as a countertop on a cradle or pole. Engaging in a dialogue with the customers by creating value-added services on the full touch display using the Worldline software platform. Providing endless business opportunities and growth to shop owners of all sizes. 

“Just the right amount of everything”

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Gazelle – Makki

Designed for and with families

Makki was designed with the input of parents and children. Prior to our ideation, Gazelle & VanBerlo hit the streets together with users and their cargo bikes to see and experience the challenges users face. We joined them in doing groceries, picking up the kids, parking our cargo bikes in central Amsterdam and pushing them out of the mud in rural areas.

Easy go

A traditional cargo bike is – simply put – a plain wooden box, which can be difficult for users to steady, load, get of the stand and get going. No more. To comfortably transport children or heavy groceries, the new Gazelle Makki is designed as a steady, lightweight bike. Fitted with a sturdy stand and a cut-out in the box, Makki makes it easy for kids to climb into the box by themselves and for users to get moving.

Comfort designed with today’s safety features

After multiple sketch sessions, several rounds of prototyping and validation with end users, the team concluded on a box design with the right functionality where it is needed: Its impact-resistant, double-walled bottom section acts as a bumper, whilst its upper part made of light weight foam with high walls for shoulder and head protection and prominent entry make it a joy for children to be transported in. Gazelle Makki ticks all the boxes of safety and comfort.

Iconic bike & box

Makki’s iconic design is characterized by an integrated, iconic frame. The line applied in the design reinforces the bikes dynamic character: friendly, unique and powerful. By integrating the box with the rest of the bike a visual unity was created; coherent form details make the bike a perfect Gazelle fit.

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Dorel Juvenile – Maxi-Cosi Coral

Built for Safety and Flexibility

While infants grow and gain in weight, transporting babies in car seats becomes too heavy to handle. Of course new materials made the car seat lighter over the years, but new groundbreaking inventions have not taken place in the last 30 years. Obligations by law and regulations made it really hard to redesign the car seat while keeping it safe and easy to carry at the same time. But we did.

We Aim To Make Mistakes Faster Than Anyone Else

Fail Fast, Learn Fast

Coral was developed in weekly sprints. Putting innovation first. And bring the potential execution to life. Thereby stepping conventional restrictions and no go’s.

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Carrying Reimagined

Together with MaxiCosi we designed the first modular baby car seat that will change the way parents transport their child. No more bruising from wearing; you simply click out the seat from the safety base in your car and carry your baby as easy as a bag. Bringing convenience and ergonomics to a complete new level while keeping your baby close to your chest, even in crowded areas.  

The car seat exists out of two pieces: the safety frame which can be installed in the car with an isofix base or with the built-in locking clips. And the seat-to-go which offers a soft inlay with easy to carry self-retractable handles. Fitting seamlessly on strollers without sacrificing safety when combining both parts. Offering flexibility to parents in their daily routine.

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Numbers Count

Without a doubt, Unilever is a giant when it comes to the numbers of consumers buying and using their brands around the world. We hit it off on the topic of fundamental sustainability principles and our joint ambition to enable circular business models through design.

The 4R’s: Fundamental Sustainable Principles to Real Life Contexts

To Set Up The Story The Vision

Consumers Know

Overflowing landfills, the oceans garbage patches, litter – packaging must change. And consumers are talking about it.

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Designed To Be Used And Loved By Millions

There is refill – and then there’s refill. Over one billion people use Unilever deodorant every day. Dove refillable celebrates what matters: its’ formulation. Its design represents an ambition to minimize material use. A unique and timeless pack, with an experience which users can enjoy time and time again.

Buy Once, Refill for Life

Whilst saving up to 54% of plastic compared to current packaging and up to 342.9 tons of virgin plastic by 2023

We Aim To Make Mistakes Faster Than Anyone Else

Distilled Down To It’s Fundamentals.

“Just A Bar Of Deodorant” Great ideas often come easy – our responsibility also lies in executing them. Every detail is designed to build a bond with its user. Bringing back quality and simplicity into the everyday

To Buy Less, But Better.


Engineered to Perfection

“It Even Sounds Perfect” from the twist and click slotting in a refill, to the secure seal when placing the cap. Quality is such that Dove is giving it a lifetime guarantee, transforming your routine with a product that lasts.

Withstand a force of nearly 900 pounds in weight. No. Really

Enticing in Every Sense

Our Commitment To The Future

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Skelex 360

Combining All Forces To Refine A Product

To design an intuitive load reducing exoskeleton with a perfect fit, we further developed the basic idea using a Frankenstein mechanical model, applying an integrated approach which encompassed design, engineering and soft-goods disciplines. This method enabled a fast development process, in which we continuously validated ideas through prototyping to optimise the design for use. Within a short timeframe we enabled Skelex to start sales and continue their business. 

360 Degrees Of Motion Without Any Hassle

The harness is comprised of two parts: a lightweight carbon frame that delivers the force, and a separated soft-goods part that has close contact with the body. This combination allows users to easily adjust the harness to their body and permits 360 degrees of motion without any hassle. The result is an optimized product that stands out among its competitors, not only by its practical capabilities but also with its looks.

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Ceiling Hood Performance. Without the Ceiling.

With downdraft becoming the new norm, power is questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise. Emphasising airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points. Reinforcing the current confidence of the Gutmann brand to you and the retailers.

Designed to Be Splashed. Again and Again

Enduring daily life and usage isn’t always so easy. The constant cleaning can wear down the most avid chef and homeowner. We decided to make things a whole lot easier. We rethought what it means to clean. Dimensioning all the components to fit directly into your dishwasher. A fit contrast from everyone else; Making it user friendly in every sense.

Introducing Light Mode

High tech meets low light. Capturing 95% of the potential consumer market was important for the start. With such a large variation in depths and heights of current cabinets and kitchen drawers. It wouldn’t always be so clear the drawer was there; We wanted to leave you a friendly reminder to remember the brains of the beauty. Forever and always.

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